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Medium Voltage

SF6 Load Break Switches up to 36kV, Metal Enclosed (LSC2A) and Metal Clad (LSC2B) switchgears indoor and outdoor switching devices; our company can provide the proper solution for any need of each customer in terms of execution and application.
The high flexibility of the company and the large range of cooperators makes any solution as applicable and efficient in order to solve all market requirements.
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Low Voltage

Power Center up to 6300A 150kA, Motor Control Center up to 3200A 70kA with fix and withdrawable units; our range of solution is as wide as the potential demand of the market both for Distribution and for Oil & Gas applications.
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Package Substations

Shelter or Container solutions for a wide range of applications; turnkey Medium and Low voltage Cabinets or loose Cabinet supply; we can fulfill any requirement of the market for Power, Industry and Distribution applications.